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I have been studying the Alexander Technique since 1997. In 2004 I qualified as a teacher and member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) having completed the 3-year full-time training course. I originally came to the technique through singing and performance.


When I first started having lessons I had the beginnings of RSI in my wrists from prolonged computer use in an office job. I learnt to reduce the tension in my arms and shoulders when I used the computer and the pain in my wrists soon cleared up. These days I sing with much more ease and no longer suffer from the sore throats I used to have by the end of a choir rehearsal. I had no back pain during pregnancy or as a result of the carrying and lifting involved in looking after a small child. The technique also helped with keeping calm during toddler tantrums!


I teach a wide range of people from many walks of life (office workers, teachers, musicians, dancers to name a few) and am happy to teach any age group (pupils ages have ranged from 12 to 60 to date).

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