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What is Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is a practical technique anyone can learn that helps you use your body in a healthier way.


What benefits does it have?

Over time it can bring about:

  • reduced muscle tension

  • improved posture

  • more ease and grace of movement

  • greater ability to cope with stress

  • increased confidence and self-esteem

Because it looks at the causes of problems rather than symptoms, it offers long lasting beneficial effects.


What can Alexander Technique be used for?

  • Better performance

Musicians, actors and athletes can increase stamina, develop resonance and learn to manage performance anxiety. In learning to function with less wasted effort, the fluidity and spontaneity of performance increases.

  • Self-development

Alexander Technique offers a method for life-long learning. It can develop self-awareness and self-reliance. It can add a new creative dimension to your life and lead to ongoing self discovery.


What happens at a lesson?

Lessons last 40 minutes. You should wear loose, comfortable clothing. The teacher uses explanation and a gentle guiding touch to help you rediscover balance and ease within yourself.


Firstly, by looking at simple movements such as sitting, standing and bending the knees, you learn how your coordination works and how to avoid poor habits of body use.


Secondly, whilst lying on a table, you learn to release long-standing tension patterns. This leaves you with a real sense of calmness and well-being.

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